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All About the Silver American Eagle

If you are a coin collector, it is great to add the Silver American Eagle coin to your collection. Today, there are many of these silver coins that are already circulating. If you have a Silver American Eagles you have something of great value because of its good quality silver and its beautiful design as well.

The Silver American Eagle was officially minted after congress authorized its minting in 1986. This coin is unique since it is the only silver bullion in the US that has an official investment grade which means that it has a credit rating with very minimal risk. So investors would do well buying this kind of silver coins. You should also know that this particular silver coin is the only silver coin that is allowed in the IRA.

The Silver American Eagle a troy ounce of pure silver which is ,999 fine silver. No other silver coin can compare to the quality craftmanship and brilliance of the Silver American Eagle.

The coins face shows us Liberty walking with the sun rising at her feet. She is carrying a branch of laurel and oak in her left arm. An eagle with its wings open and high is seen on the opposite side of the coin. Its body is being protected by a shied. An olive branch is seen on the eagle’s right talon and on the left talon it holds an arrow. There are 13 starts above the head of the eagle which forms an upside down triangle pattern shape. These 13 starts depict the 13 founding colonies of the United States of America.

In order to reduce the national deficit, the Silver Eagle was created from the stockpile of silver from the nation’s defense. Although the original request was to sell the silver, it did not materialize. Another request was submitted which amended the first one and this time they proposed to sell the silver in the form of coins. In 1986 the first Silver Eagle was created after its approval in 1985.

The Silver Eagle is distributed to buyers like precious metal firms and wholesalers and not the general public. Those days, the buyers purchased the coins at $2.oo per coin over the market price but a minimum order was required. The value of this legal tender is now $1.00.

If you are someone who wish to purchase a Silver Eagle coin, you can buy them from reputable sellers. This silver coin has a beautiful design and is a worthy coin to collect so it will be a coin that every coin collector should have.

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