Cannabis Has Effects On Mental Health

Marijuana entered the class of addictive substances that cause dependence. Diagnostically, the use of such substances is included in the diagnostics of mental disorders that may lead to intoxication, substance breakdown and dependence.

According to Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors, the effects on mental health on marijuana use are widely investigated. Although some groups that support the legalization of marijuana both inside and outside the country explain the absence of a link between use of marijuana with mental disorders, research evidence says otherwise.

The reactions expected from the use of marijuana are actually a feeling of calm and relaxation, euphoria, changes in perception of time slowdown and increased emotional perceptions, including depression, paranoia, anxiety or panic attacks. Even research at Florida Medical Marijuana says that attempts to enter intravenous THC into patients can produce symptoms of acute cognitive deficits and the onset of symptoms that resemble symptoms of chronic psychotic disorders.

The results suggest the initial and severe use of marijuana associated with the onset of psychotic symptoms and depression, whereas prolonged use results in poorer outcome outcomes among people who have already experienced mental disorders.

Journal of Marijuana Doctors in Florida says that cannabis use is associated with the onset of symptoms of psychosis and anxiety. As with other psychoactive substances, marijuana can be a factor that exacerbates the occurrence of psychopathology in patients.

Another study in Florida says the use of marijuana in adolescence increases the risk of psychosis, especially in susceptible individuals. Patients who have suffered from psychosis who consume marijuana will produce a worse outcome of their recovery. This is because of the effects of cannabis on the dopamine system. Chronic and chronic use has also been linked to affecting memory and learning performance, both against healthy individuals and patients with psychosis.

So it is specifically the use of marijuana for healthy individuals and who have suffered from mental disorders has an unfavorable effect. For healthy individuals, although not directly related to causality, marijuana triggers the occurrence of symptoms of psychosis and other psychopathology and for individuals who have been mentally disturbed, the use of cannabis exacerbates the condition of mental disorders.