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TMJ Syndrome and Your Osteopathic Doctor

When TMJ or the temporomandibular joint gets inflamed or swollen, people suffer from pain. There are a lot of people who suffer from TMJ who are not aware of its causes and how it can be treated. It is the Doctor of Osteopathy who is a specialist in TMJ and if you want to know more about it and have your condition treated, then you should visit one. If you visit an osteopathic doctor, you should make sure to ask the questions that have been lingering in your mind for a while.

You must have a working knowledge of what TMJ is to truly understand your treatment options. The temporomandibular joint is the one that connects the upper and lower parts of the jaw. A malfunctioning of the joint can cause a person pain. A popping sound can be heard when this happens or you can also have a jaw that feels like it is stuck or locked. Some causes of this misaligned joint is teeth grinding, poor posture, or impact injuries. Sometimes, people think that they have headaches or ear infections which are actually symptoms of TMJ. Seeking the advice of a trusted medical professional can give you a proper diagnosis.

The practice of osteopathy is a medical practice that uses physical manipulation of the bones and muscles to treat medical problems. Doctors of osteopathy are licensed medical doctors who have attended medical school. There are osteopathic doctors that take a holistic approach to medicine. This means that the wellbeing of a patient is approached from every aspect. In order to come up with an effective treatment goal, osteopathic doctors do not only address the specific medical issue but also look at your nutritional habits, lifestyle choices, and exercise regiment. Those who suffer from TMJ can have their symptoms alleviated through massage and cranial manipulation.

Easing pain caused by TMJ can be done with a few different methods If you grind your teeth while sleeping, then you could use a mouth guard to prevent this. Stress can be a cause of TMJ and to overcome this, you can use techniques that relieve tension To gently reset the joint, doctors of osteopathy use massage and cranial manipulation, and spinal manipulation is used to encourage better posture to help set the joint correctly.

Surgery is not one of the methods used by doctors of osteopathy is solving this medical issue. When a doctor of osteopathy treats a patient, he addresses factors such as nutrition, lifestyle issues and stress. For many conditions, they use massage and spinal or skeletal manipulation. In extreme cases, however, surgery might be required for treatment of TMJ. You might be interested to find out from your doctor his philosophy on surgery.

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