How Pathway Genomics Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Researchers are continually looking for ways to improve the healthcare industry, and one company that is leading the way in innovation is Pathway Genomics. Their use of genetic testing and artificial intelligence is providing doctors with a greater understanding of patient health and allowing them to develop treatment plans that delivery unprecedented results. Their breakthroughs now enable a patient to identify possible health concerns and tackle them before they lead to more severe side effects, which not only improves outcomes but helps reduce the amount of spending on medical expenses at all levels.

Liquid Biopsies

A biopsy is usually one of the only ways to determine if a patient has cancer, and while they are relatively common, the procedure is not only time consuming but extremely painful for the patient. Liquid biopsies are less invasive, and in most cases, the results from the test are available in as little as two weeks. This form of screening is useful for those with a previous diagnosis and as a way of detecting cancer in those who have no history of the disease.

Hereditary Cancer Screening

Though there are a variety of environmental concerns that increase the propensity of a person’s odds of developing cancer, a majority of the most severe forms are hereditary. In addition to identifying a person’s risk of developing cancer, doctors also use this form of testing as a way to develop insights on a parent’s odds of passing a genetic disease to their children.

Medication Effectiveness

There are a plethora of medications that are used to treat one disease, and the challenge is determining which one will provide the best outcome. Pathway Genomics is leading the way in the development of tests which alleviate the need for trial and error when prescribing medications. A simple screening of a person’s DNA will provide a physician with the baseline knowledge to determine which available treatment is likely to produce the most beneficial results.

While it is impossible to know what the future holds, Jim Plante and the team of researchers at Pathway Genomics are revolutionizing the idea of early detection. The development of new testing methods now provides patients and doctors with the information needed to make sound healthcare decisions in a fraction of the time.