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Amazing Fantasy Writing Prompts That You Need to Try

If you say that you will only write when the inspiration to write kicks in then, you may never have to write anything at all. Even if you are a professional writer at some point you find that you totally have no idea as to what you should write about. For creative writers there are very many different types of ideas ranging from magic to supernatural beings and events among others. You ought to read prompts if you got totally no idea on what you should write about. How you are going to use the prompt will depend on you and that is why you should pick something that you are able to write on a story or even a novel for that matter. Fiction writing involves coming up with stories that involve supernatural beings or magic as well as supernatural events. Read below to discover a lot of amazing writing prompts that you ought to know.

You can create a creative story on how a man sacrificed his life for his family by stealing from a magician. Ensure that the story is very interesting and the reader will not get bored in the middle of the story. After being discovered, ensure you are in a position to explain as to what happened to the man and the family. Plan your work so that events within your story are able to flow sensibly. A moral lesson at the end of the story shows that you have a great understanding of the story.

Secondly, you can decide to write about a student who falls asleep during an English class in school only to wake up to an empty school. This could be a great topic when it is well thought out where you need to carry on with the story and tell us how the rest of the people disappeared and how the student was the only one who was left. The reader will have a lot of questions that they need to be answered. Ensure to enlighten the reader on how the student coped with the situation.

A virus that is invented and released by a pathologist to turn people into beasts is also something that you can write about. For you to make the story as interesting as possible you really need to be creative. Describe the situations as the reader may want it to be making it very interesting to read for any kind of reader. Ensure that you come up with a solution in your story now that you have created a problem. It is very crucial that you have all the questions in the minds of the reader answered in the story.

Writing about how you found out that the bag you alighted with from a plane belongs to a sorcerer could be very interesting. Finding out that the bag you alighted with belongs to a sorcerer frightens you. Tell it all in your story to make it appealing to the readers.

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