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Top Reasons to use Waterjet Cutting Services

Dr. Norman Franz discovered waterjet cutting in the 1950’s when he was seeking an alternative method to cut lumber. Not only is waterjet cutting used to help lumber companies, it has improved and been proven effective in the stainless steel and aluminum industries.

A waterjet works to cut or clean materials by using a high-pressure stream of water. Oftentimes, the cutter is connected to a high-pressure water pump with water being ejected from a nozzle, which then cuts directly through the material. There may also be additives, such as abrasives, used to help with the cutting process.

While waterjet cutting can be used for a number of different materials, there are at least five benefits for cutting aluminum and stainless steel.

1. The Ability of Waterjets to cut through almost anything. Many don’t understand the capability of waterjets, they have the ability to cut through 10 in aluminum sheets and eight-inch stainless steel sheets.

2. No Heat is Necessary Waterjet cutting is the preferred method for those materials that are sensitive to higher temperatures that are often created when using alternative methods. The no heat-affected zone (HAZ) minimizes the effects of heat, which allows for metal to be cut without damaging the surface.

3. Waterjets exhibit the highest level of precision of cutting methods Waterjets are very precise cutting tools, as they are capable of attaining an accuracy of 0.005″ (0.13 mm), and repeatability of 0.001″ (0.03 mm). Waterjets provides a burr-free finish. The burr-free finish eliminates the necessity of a secondary finishing process, which saves money.

4. Waterjets allows for projects to be completed in a quick and efficient manner. There isn’t much labor needed to use the waterjet. The cutting process is quicker than other methods that may be utilized for cutting materials. The waterjets are so precise that re-cutting is avoided.

5. The cutting process is environmentally sound The waterjet cutting process is considered to be one of the more environmentally friendly of all the methods. During the process of cutting materials with the waterjet, there are no byproducts produced. Waterjets also prevent unnecessary waste that occurs during traditional cutting methods.

There are several environmental advantages when choosing waterjets to cut your materials. Waterjets use very little water. For each minute the waterjet is in use, approximately one half to one gallon of water will be used dependent upon the size of the cutting head orifice. The water that is use can be recycled by using a closed-looped system. The waste water can be disposed of through a drain upon being recycled.

7. Using waterjet cutting allows for a safer work environment to be created. By using waterject cutting, smoke, fumes, dust particles, and contaminants can be avoided by workers. Machinist exposure is reduced as well as any problems from bystander exposure through the use of waterjet cutting, which improves the work environment.

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