Tea drinks are no strangers around the world and are well known in any country. One of the tea industry countries is Indonesia although Indonesia is still not the largest tea lovers country in the world. The best-known tea in Indonesia is jasmine tea. Drink tea is also brewed with hot water is proved to contain caffeine like coffee, so have a maximum dose can be drunk how many times a day. Tea water comes from boiled leaves, leaf buds and stems of plants that have the Latin language Camellia with a variety of varieties, the process is called infusion. There is also a kind of tea that is brewed from fruit, spices and other medicinal plants and is called herbal tea.

Generally, tea is made by drying the tea leaves that have been picked before wilting and experiencing oxidation. Tea leaves that undergo too much oxidation become increasingly unfavorable. However, stale tea that has been oxidized because it is left overnight, it is good for beauty, especially skin and hair. Because the caffeine contained in tea fermented and overgrown with fungi so carcinogenic is very useful.

After serving tea dye, it turns out that used dyed tea has many benefits. So, the former from the teabag is not directly in the waste, because there are still benefits that we can use. Here’s an explanation:

As a remedy for sunburned skin

If your skin is burned by excessive sunlight, of course, the skin will feel sore and sensitive if touched. To relieve it, use a bag of cold tea bags and then compress in the area of burning skin to reduce the burning feeling. The tea bag can also be used in the bath water, rinse the burning area using the water.

Make hair more sparkling

Dip a tea bag in the water to rinse hair while you wash it. Do it regularly when you shampoo, rinse water that has been mixed with baggage tea bags will help your hair become smoother and look more sparkling.

Cleansing dull face

Dried green tea leaves in tea bag bags have properties for the face. The easy way, open or tear tea bags that have been used, remove the contents and put it into the bowl. Then pour a tablespoon of honey and rice flour sufficiently. Stir well, then apply to face. Rub gently and let stand for about 5 minutes then rinse with water until clean. This method can remove dead skin cells. In addition, the content of honey and rice flour is also to smooth and remove acne scars.

Overcoming eye bags and tired eyes

If your eyes are tired and pocket due to activities that are quite dense or lack of sleep, tea bags can be a solution. Way, dip the tea bags that have been used in the ice water until really cold. Then compress the area around the eye, let stand about 10 minutes. Your eyes will become fresher. Do it regularly so that the results obtained can be maximal and eye bags can be lost slowly.

Treating ulcers

Ulcers can also be treated with tea bags. Compress the boil with a dyed tea bag for about 10 to 15 minutes, then let it dry by itself. Do it regularly, within a few days the ulcers will vanish.

Cleaning stains on glass and cookware

Use the remaining liquid in the bag of tea bags as a stain cleaning agent on glass or mirror. It also can remove stubborn fat in cookware. The trick is enough to drip remaining tea in the cooking utensil or on cleaning fluid. Stubborn fats and stools are guaranteed to disappear.

The above description is part of the history and benefits of bag dregs baggage, hopefully, it can help. Keep a healthy life.