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Want to Know About Some Bizarre Drug Facts?
The impact of drugs on people can only be found out as these occur. You can easily find information on strange and bizarre things that have occurred as a result of some drug research.
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Project Bluebird
Decades ago the CIA wished to develop new interrogation techniques that utilized morphine and LSD. They aimed at making the persons that they would be interrogating to have amnesia and memory loss. After some time when you get more info. on it you will learn that they changed the name of this project to Project Artichoke.
This way their way of managing their paranoia regarding the Soviet Union while they were in Cold War. In order to undertake this project what they did was to employ various professionals from related fields such as neuroscience and psychiatry. Now what is strange and bizzare in this project is that a lot of their victims in the testing of this technique happened to be children. When the Freedom of Information Act was created this secret project was called out in the open and stopped.
In the late 1880s a professor injected himself with some things that he got from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs. The foundation of anabolic steroids was then created as a way of studying the side effects of these extracts. The Nazi wanted to make use of this producy. If you look into it more you will find that they wanted to use it to make the German troops more aggressive for the war.
Once the war was over a chemist made improvements on it to make it better. The resulting steroid has saved a lot of people from severe muscle waste. This led the scientist to be conferred the Nobel Peace Prize.
PCP Warfare
Before the 1960s this drug was used as a surgery anesthetic. Some of the side effects that it was found to induce in people are disorientation, delirium and mania. The government tried to see if they can then use it as a chemical warfare but the results were unsatisfactory.
The chemist who made aspirin was also the one who made heroin. The company who employs him sold heroin as suppressant for cough and morphine addiction treatment. But then just some few years after it was found that heroin had glaring side effects.
During the Victorian era there were a lot of pharmacies who sold opium derivatives to people. Even parents used this to stop their children from crying a lot. But there are many children who took it that resulted to their illness or even death.
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