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The Effect of CBD for Joint Pain

There are a lot of scientific research that has been done about the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD with the results leading to CBD is safe to use and effective at the same time. However, joint pain is completely different issue and being able to have effective treatment often relies on patient, the recommendation of the doctor and specific joint condition.

Not just that, medical studies usually evaluate the impact of CBD on specific joint conditions like osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain or rheumatoid arthritis than the general field of joint pain at large. In other words, if there’s a study saying that CBD has great and positive effects for joint condition, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is applicable to all types of joint pains. There’s a growing interests in using CBD as natural alternative to the conventional medication. Even though there is a preliminary scientific evidence, numerous experts are still cautious of the optimism it has.

In the next lines, you are going to learn about a couple of specific joint conditions and how CBD deals with it.

Joint pain – among the few cannabinoid studies that are focused on general field of joint pain centered on the effects of THC and not CBD. There are researchers on the other hand who conclude that there are various anecdotal reports of the effects of smoking cannabis in relieving joint pains. Thing is, these said reports don’t extend to the clinical trials most specifically for rheumatic diseases.

Inflammation – believe it or not, inflammatory responses as well as joint swelling have been reduced among arthritic rats and what’s more, this was achieved without causing adverse effects according to a 2016 study.

In another study, it has showed the effects of CBD on microglial proliferation which is about cells that trigger inflammatory response. As per researchers as well, it showed that CBD has been a great help when it comes to producing immunosuppression response in the mice and inhibiting their adenosine uptake. Though, they say that it still needs more research to be able to support this study for long term impact of CBD use as adenosine receptors.

Actually, there is a buzz going around CBD especially with the ability it has to treat sore joints with least adverse effects. In fact, athletes started to switch from their conventional pain medication to CBD products including creams, supplements as well as tinctures. It will be important to have an informed mind when considering CBD to deal with your sore neck or back problems or treat a serious joint problem.

Also, opt for minimally processed CBD oil regardless if it is a cream, supplement, vape pen or tincture.

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