Why No One Talks About Facts Anymore

An Eye Opener on the US Military Nowadays

The citizens of America have been honored to be served by the US military since the September 29, 1789. Nonetheless, very little information is known to the public regarding the US army. Outlined are six great facts about the world’s most powerful military force nowadays.

The US military army is known for its camouflage trait when it comes to their uniform. The great man behind the Continental Army uniform which was blue was none other but George Washington. The blue attire was embraced by the soldiers from the year 1779 until the Spanish American war in 1898. The war in Cuba saw many US soldiers turning to mud as they tried to hide from their counterparts. Later on, the soldiers adopted a khaki uniform which they embraced during the summer and a brown/green uniform which they wore during the winter season. Interesting to note, the camouflage uniform that is renowned today was embraced during the World War 1 to enable themselves to disguise from their enemies

At the time of the revolutionary war, women could only serve as seamstresses, nurses and cooks. However, a few women managed to slip into combat. Some of these women include Mary Ludwig Hays who became a replacement for her husband and Deborah Sampson who managed to disguise herself as a man and joined the military. In the year 1901, when there was the introduction of the Army Nurse Corps, women were given a limelight to serve in the army as well as the year 1908 during the introduction of the Navy Nurse Corps. At the same time, in the year 1917, women that did not serve as nurses were given chances to join the army.

According to research conducted, the US Department of Defense is the world’s largest employer today. Interesting to note, the US military comprises of about 1.4 million personnel that are on active duty, about 700,000 personnel that are civilians and approximately 1.1 million personnel acting as reserves and National Guard personnel. They also possess a significant amount of land across the world.

The US military forces are allowed to have customary military coins. This is a way of ensuring that the soldiers are proud of their serving in the country. Both the Navy Seals and Special Operations provide their soldiers with customary coins. All the above has been made possible by the MilitaryCoinsUSA.

The US military forces is known for providing quality services to the American citizens. This is because the United States provides the military forces with around $619 billion which interestingly totals the combined budget for about nine of the highest spending countries’ military budgets in the world.

Of all the 45 men that have served as President of the United States of America, 31 have been in the military.