A Simple Plan: Training

The Need for Church Security and Safety Training

If you are a churchgoer, you can be worried about recent attacks of armed men in places that you would never imagine that they would in churches. Before we only hear of active shooters entering elementary schools but now even churches are being targeted by these armed attackers. Churches can protect themselves by having security teams that will be trained for church security. In order to protect people who come to church to worship, it is then important to have a volunteer security tea who will be trained to defend these churchgoers. If security volunteers will undergo training then they will be able to provide security to the church members; the things below will help in their training.

Churches must have security assessment first of all. Being able to assess your church security will help you in having a safety preparedness plan. If there is security assessment then the current security needs of your church will be determined. You need to identify church vulnerabilities and create an airtight safety plan. You should assess your churchs external grounds, alarm systems, building perimeter, key management, emergency drills and more. This is important so that you can build a framework for every other area of your safety preparedness and emergency planning.

If you want to create a strong safety team within your church then it is important to have a clear plan of action and support. You will know the life-saving value of your safety team. You can study crime statistics, basics of a safety team, essential emergency drills, and available training resources. Your volunteer security team should be a team dedicated to mitigating risks to person, proeprty and assets.

You need to have the right people in your safety team. Your church security and safety service will give you tools to start your safety team right from team selection to training. Training will include ethics, patrol procedures, situational awareness, radio procedures, reporting and forms, duties and responsibilities, suspicious behaviors and calling 911.

The training will also include active shooter response and lockdowns. There are many things that make this life uncertain and there are many people who wish to destroy lives. How then do we protect the ordinary churchgoer’s life? Preparing your church for the worst is part of the training. You will have modules which show advanced lock-down and response procedures which can be practiced and implemented when violent intruders enter the church premises. Skills for lockdowns, evacuation drills, and containment and engagement team response will be taught. You will also learn how to work in conjunction with local law enforcement response.

Depending on the level of security your church needs or desire, you will be trained to use firearms, force, and how to work as a team. Firearms training is only for the right persons.

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