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How to go About an Uncontested Divorce with no Children

Getting an uncontested divorce is very easy. You will just need to complete a few steps in this case. When it comes to getting an uncontested divorce, you should ensure that you list all your properties. This includes furniture, appliances, vehicles and your marital home. The divorce is not however limited to any types of properties. You should also list all the property you don’t have and the property that is still in your partner’s name.

You will be solely responsible for all the financial debts under your name when getting an uncontested divorce. However if the debts have both your names, they should be divided equally. If there were any debts that were established while you were still married, you will have to pay them together. You can even open a credit card after you are divorced. If you took any debts when you were married, you will not use your new credit card to pay for these debts. You will be the one to pay any debts you establish after your divorce. If you own a home together with your spouse, you can list who will get to hold the house. You can go ahead and share the wealth you will sell your house for.

During an uncontested divorce, you can go ahead and share retirement accounts. This is because one person may have a retirement account. By staking a claim, you will be able to able to ensure that you both enjoy a portion of the retirement account. If the other person doesn’t want to claim a portion of the retirement account, you should hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will be responsible for preparing the divorce papers in this case. If the retirement account is not correctly listed, you may end up losing your portion. Your retirement account will be listed appropriately in his case if you hire a lawyer. This will help you avoid having to go to court. You can keep your divorce costs low in this case.

You should ensure that you don’t have any children born out of your marriage when getting an uncontested divorce with no children. You should also ensure that your wife is not pregnant with your child at that point. If your children are of legal age, you can also file for this kind of divorce. It will be essential to hire a divorce lawyer so that you can be guaranteed the divorce will go through. Feelings of hurt and frustration can make your partner make the process of divorce harder. It will be critical to hire a lawyer to represent you in court if your partner fails to agree with the terms and conditions of the divorce.

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