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Options for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Problems achieving or holding an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse can be an indication of a health issue that requires treatment. Resolving that condition could be the cure for your erectile dysfunction. However, if this won’t work, medications or other direct treatments may be the answer.

Oral Medications

Oral medications like vardenafil and tadalafil are all working erectile dysfunction treatments for countless men today. Such drugs improve the effects of nitric oxide, a natural body chemical that relaxes penile muscles. This steps up blood flow and gives you an erection in reaction to sexual arousal.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Erectile dysfunction is often improved by simple lifestyle changes, such as reducing weight, giving up smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, stress management, quitting illegal drugs and exercising on a regular basis.

Psychological Counseling

If your erectile dysfunction is arising from stress, anxiety or depression, your doctor may recommend visiting a psychologist. It is brought about by a physical problem, but erectile dysfunction can lead to stress and relationship tension.

Penile Injections

A variety of medications could be injected right into the member to deliver an erection. The most usually used medications are papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil. The goal is to cause an erection that keeps for some 20 to 40 minutes. If the erection continues beyond one hour, the dose may just be adjusted.

Penile Implants

This option requires the surgical insertion of devices into the two sides of the member. The said implants may be semirigid rods or inflatable rods produced from polyurethane or silicone. The inflatable devices enable you to dictate when and how long you should have an erection. The semirigid rods allow the member to stay firm but bendable.

Testosterone Replacement

If a man’s erectile dysfunction is due to low testosterone levels, testosterone replacement therapy could be recommended as the initial treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy could be done with an injection, subcutaneous pellet, oral medication, or as a gum or patch.

member Pump

A member pump is a battery-powered tube positioned over the member. The pump removes the air inside the tube, resulting in a vacuum that pulls blood into your member. As soon as you get an erection, you insert a tension ring around the base of your member to hold the blood steady and keep your member firm. Then the vacuum device has to be removed. The ring has to be removed after the intercourse.


Surgery for erectile dysfunction is often only recommended if all other options have been unsuccessful. In the past few years, surgery was the option if a blockage to the blood supply of the member has been proven. The surgeon works by unblocking the blood vessels in order to restore optimal blood supply in the member.

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