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Understanding Mid Century Decor

Mid century was are having a great comeback amongst millennials, especially when it comes to fashion, furniture and homes. Unlike modern day designs, mid-century modernisms emphasize on the need for good design, where form and function are compatible. Mid-century modernism developed from the period after World War 11 when returning veterans looked for things to make them forget the things they had seen in the war.

The returning veterans, having received huge sums of money were instrumental in creating what is popularly known as the American dream. The period succeeding the world war saw architectural designs such as the attached garage with a lot of Americans looking for adventure as well as new opportunities. With mid-century property demand being on the rise, you have to be able to market your home using mid-century terms if at all you are to sell it for what it is worth. In this article, we look at some of these terms.

Firstly, let us start with the term at decor. This term can be traced back to the beginning of the twentieth century and it describes the use of minimalist colour pallets in architecture. Since millennials are after things that bring back the mid-century times such as jazz, be sure to mention this term during your presentation if the house you are selling has this architectural design as it is related to the jazz age.

The second term we will look at is cantilevered. Cantilevers have been in existence since the nineteenth century, being used in structures such as bridges at the time. Cantilevered structures do not rely on ground support, rather they rely on tension and hinge points and are a major selling point for mid-century homes.

Bungalows were common in the mid-century and hence the reason why millennials today are after this design. Bungalows are small in size houses with small porches, situated just off a road.

Clerestory was also very popular in the mid-century. Mid-century modernism involved a lot of glass so as to let in as much natural light as possible into homes. The term clerestory describes windows that extend beyond the normal height and sometimes go up to the roofline.

There is need to emphasize on some of the most distinctive mid-century colors if you are selling a mid-century home. Mustard yellow, burnt umber, emerald green, rose pink and burgundy are some of the most common mid-century colors.

Just like in modern day architecture, mid century involved the use of innovation when it came to building supplies. Mid-century homes were decorated using sculpted plastics. Mid-century homes also have materials such as fiberglass mixed wit glass to create the mid-century elegant look.