The Health Concerns Associated With Cocaine Addiction

Of the various drugs used and abused on a daily basis, few of them wreak as much havoc and are as addictive as cocaine. After consuming the drug, most users report a surge of energy, which is why it is typically used in conjunction with alcohol, which only increases its life-altering side effects. The following is a look at the most common issues that arise as a result of cocaine addiction and how abstinence helps prevent them from becoming a reality.

Heart Rhythm Issues

Cocaine increases a person’s heart rate, but continual use may lead to issues with the electrical signals inside the muscle and cause it to go out of rhythm. While there is a chance the heart it will resume normal operation on its own, in some cases, a person may have to be sedated and shocked with a defibrillator to reset the rhythm. If not successful, it could lead to the formation of heart disease and even death.

Sinus Damage

Though there are several ways to consume cocaine, one of the most prevalent is inhaling it through the nose, as it provides a fast response. Unfortunately, continual use will damage the lining of the sinus cavity, leading to nosebleeds and chronic congestion. In extreme cases, it may cause the skin inside the nose to dissolve and cause a person to lose their sense of smell and lead to facial deformities.

Mental Side Effects

The least-discussed concerns are the mental health issues that are prevalent in cocaine addicts. During the high, a person will feel on top of the world and have increased energy. Unfortunately, the sensation causes a depletion of the body’s serotonin levels, and after coming down, most people experience depression, anxiety, and insomnia that, in some cases, may not be reversible without the use of prescription medications.

The best way to prevent this barrage of health problems is to stop using the drug immediately. The Addiction Recovery Centre is a full-service rehabilitation clinic that will give anyone the tools and support needed to overcome cocaine dependency. Be sure to learn more online and take the first step in getting the necessary help to regain control of life.