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Merits of Freight Matching

Freight matching can help your business enjoy very many benefits. Quick turnaround time is one of the main advantages of freight matching. Most freight systems are normally affected by slow turnaround times. On-time deliveries is something any business can benefit from. Freight matching will make it simple to achieve this. Freight matching ensures that there is elimination of middlemen. This ensures that the company and the transporters will communicate directly and this make everything quicker. Issues are always solved directly and this ensures that deliveries are made on time. When you use brokers they will have to make calls and send emails to secure an order and this can waste a lot of time. Drivers can claim loads directly once it is displayed. This speeds up the whole process and it ensures that turnaround times are reduced.

Another advantage of freight matching is that it helps in improving cash flow. Truckers are greatly affected by imbalanced cash flows. This is caused by the fact that shipping invoices take a lot of time of clear. You can easily solve this through freight matching. This is because it offers quick pay solutions and it allows truckers to collect fuel advances. They can even get proof of delivery through their smartphones because of digital freight matching.

The affordability of freight matching is also an added advantage. Brokers that offer their freight management services normally charge high amounts. Their commission rate tend to be very high as they charge it as per the delivery cost per load. You will not need brokers when you implement freight matching. This will eb a great way for you to save more money. When it comes to freight matching there is a platform for service providers to compete. Using these platforms they get a chance to offer their best rates to their clients. There is also an active marketplace for truckers in freight matching. They have an incentive to offer competitive rates in this case. Due to this competition they offer quality services to ensure that they stay ahead of competitors.

Another advantage of freight matching is that it solves the empty mile problem. For most part of their day trucks spend it on the road. Most trucks travel even without carrying loads. This normally causes a lot of losses. Brokers then try and solve this in a long manual process that has never worked. Freight matching has greatly eliminated this inefficiency. In this case drivers always connect with a lot of effectiveness. They don’t spend much time on the road in this case because they have spare capacity. In this case, trucks don’t return home empty because shipments are always booked on time in this case.

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